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Local Business “In Focus”

“In Focus” is a local Economic Development initiative and each month our Forestburg newsletter, website and Facebook page will provide an “In Focus” review of services and background on a local business.  The objective is to promote local business and encourage residents to shop locally; thereby supporting independent business, which will in turn help our community remain strong and vibrant.

HoneyComb Apiaries – A Locally owned and operated Home-Based Business (HBB)

This month “In Focus” looks at HoneyComb Apiaries, which is a HBB located in Forestburg, AB; owned and operated by Kelly McIntyre and his Son-in-law Jordan. They focus on managing the bees in a way to maximize the health of the bees and minimize contamination to the honey. They do this by not using medications or feeding artificial syrups to provide pure, unpasteurized strained honey.

In the early 80’s, Kelly first worked for a beekeeper in the Peace River area and took a course at Fairview college on beekeeping. In 2003, he purchased his first 6 colonies and slowly expanded to about 30.  In 2012, Kelly and wife Vanessa moved to Forestburg from Weyburn, SK.  Shortly after their daughter and Jordan moved to Heisler and began to work with Kelly in the bee business.

They have bText Box: HoneyComb Apiaries - Kelly and Jordan at work checking on their beesees located at an organic farm, run by Don Blumhagen, located in the Battle River valley just southeast of Forestburg.  Don had his crop pollinated and Kelly received great tasting honey from his bees.  They have bees in other locations in the area and try to keep the bees in locations that will reduce their exposure to spraying, feeling the bees are currently in a vulnerable state and need every bit of help they can get.

Kelly and Jordan also provide a honey bee collection service.  Should you locate a swarm of honey bees, contact Kelly or Jordan and they will happily collect the honey bees; add them to their growing honey bee population and put them to work making delicious pure honey.

Honey Comb Apiaries does have an occasional presence at farmers markets, in the area, but if you would like to purchase this healthful local honey please call Kelly in Forestburg or Jordan in Heisler at the numbers below.

Email: kelly@honeycomb.ca

Phone:  Kelly - 1(780) 385-4075 or Jordan – 1(306) 421-4168

Find at: www.HoneyComb.ca

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