Cultural Organizations


Following are a listing of Cultural Organizations operating within the Forestburg area:

Group Name Contact Phone # email
Big Knife Villa Residents Club Marcella Schulte    
Curtain Call Theatre Nancy Ambler 780-582-2296
Diplomat Mine Museum Ryan Hunting 780-582-3758  
  Gordon Lunty 780-582-4285  
Forestburg Art Club Herb Dietz 780-582-3612  
Forestburg Cemetery Society Michael Jahns 780-582-3553
  Donna Freadrich
Forestburg Communities in Bloom Sylvia Jahns 780-582-3553
Forestburg Community Centre Association Jeff Northey, President 780-582-3925
  Reta LeGear, Treasurer 780-582-3811
Forestburg Dance Society Sharla Brennan 780-582-2434  
  Robin Hillman, Vice President 780-582-2207  
Forestburg Golden Age Club Marj Lunty, President 780-582-2250  
  Betty Hollis 780-582-3641  
Forestburg Historical Society Grant Boddy, President 780-582-3995  
Forestburg Public Library Kristen Kells 780-582-4110
Hastings Coulee Hall Board Shirley Helmig 780-582-2287  
Pleasington Historical Society Rose Oberg 780-582-2160  
Walter Jahns Singers Carl Jahns, Director 780-582-2181  
  Bernice Des Roches, Treasurer 780-582-2443  

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